Post caravan questions with Bertrand Lesca and Nasi Voutsas

Post caravan questions with Bertrand Lesca and Nasi Voutsas

After a successful 2018 caravan showcase we caught up with Bertrand Lesca and Nasi Voutsas to ask them 10 post caravan questions. 

Was this your first time being part of caravan? 

Yes. Although Bert had taken part in the Marketplace before with FellSwoop Theatre.

Why did you apply to be part of the showcase? 

We wanted the opportunity to show our work to lots of international programmers and we had heard about the marvellous opportunities caravan provides to do so.

What was the best part of the 3 days and what have you gained from this experience? 

Performing the show in front of promoters and Brighton audiences was really fun.

We also liked meeting our mentor Gary who was really helpful in guiding us through.

What was the most challenging part? 

We had to change performance space on arrival in Brighton, which was quite challenging! The original space was very noisy and we realised that we wouldn’t be heard if we had performed in it. And while the new space was also quite challenging for us the caravan team made it work as best they could and we felt really supported throughout.

Did you get to see others work, if so what stood out to you and why? 

Sadly not. Our time there was really busy.

What was the caravan atmosphere like? 

Friendly and supportive from the caravan team. Amazing work with the technicians from Brighton Dome (Tim especially! What an amazing guy!). Wished we could have had shared more time with the delegates.

What did you expect before attending and did it live up to expectations? 

Yes, it lived up to expectations. We hoped it would bring together lots of different people from all over the world to see our work and it certainly did.

Would you want to participate in caravan again? 

Yes, of course!

What would you say to others thinking of applying? 

It’s really worth it, and they should give it a try. Especially if their work fits the international circuit. Our show is quite minimal in terms of text – which I think was part of its appeal for the international promoters.

What is next for Bertrand Lesca and Nasi Voutsas? (or Palmyra?) 

We intend to make the most of this international opportunity with the show and what is coming next. Eurohouse (our first piece) and Palmyra are the two parts of a trilogy. We are exploring the idea of polarisation and division in the next piece. We are thinking of bringing this political trilogy to an end with a potential reconciliation at the end. We are also starting work on a dance piece about ‘The End’.


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