opportunity for artists to participate in the Works series at Brighton Dome

Brighton Dome have a great opportunity for artists to participate in a work in development platform, see below for more details…

The Works is an opportunity for artists to present their work in development on Wed 26 Mar 2014. The particular focus is cross-artform and interdisciplinary exploration across theatre, dance and music.

At the heart of The Works is a dialogue between artists and audiences. It is an opportunity for artists to seek the opinions of the audience they wish to attract, and an opportunity for people who care about performance to engage in collective dramaturgy, supporting artists to envisage the choices and possibilities available to them.

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taking risks

Catherine Ireton is a singer, a songwriter, an actress and a theatre maker produced by Farnham Maltings. She will be touring a new show What is it about the night? across the South-East region in the next few weeks. Here’s Catherine’s blog about her journey from working at the Arts Council to making a living from being a full-time artist.

For more information on the tour and booking tickets, click here.

Catherine Ireton

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marketplace at caravan 2014

caravan 2014 will take place in May as part of Brighton Festival.

The showcase will present a programme of the best new English performance to a selection of international and national promoters, festival organisers and presenters.

If you would like to take part in the ‘marketplace’ – an opportunity for companies and promoters, both international and national, to meet, exchange ideas and build new relationships please visit the caravan website here.

being a young theatre maker…

‘no strings attached’ is a grant scheme which helps help young people to make their first piece of theatre. Grants of between £500 and £1000 are available to young people between the ages of 18 and 25 from across the south east region. The grant cannot be linked to academic work, used for equipment or to pay themselves.

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