A Nation’s Theatre Debate: ‘I liked it but I couldn’t book it’ – by Thomas Thomasson

Following on from the latest A Nation’s Theatre live debate (held here last week), guest writer Thomas Thomasson shares the key points of the discussion in his first blog for Farnham Maltings.

Thomas is a freelance performer, previously working with The Graeae Theatre Company and StopGap Dance Company. He is a newly appointed associate artist for the Mercury Theatre in Colchester. He is currently developing his first play Tent  in collaboration with Helen Bendell from StopGap.

‘I liked it but I couldn’t book it’ – an afternoon conversation about the future of contemporary theatre in rural England was held at Farnham Maltings on 03 March, presented by Battersea Arts Centre and the Guardian.

This work may not include radishes (or tractors)

If you were to wake up tomorrow as the producer of a great new rural show: Seven sonnets in six and a half supermarkets (yes, I made the title up), what would you need to consider to ensure that your excellent production continues to be seen? Last week’s conversation held at Farnham Maltings offered a host of valuable questions for producers, directors, artists and promoters alike. These questions all stemmed from a central one:

How can we ensure that the very best theatre is being made and shown across the country?

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