Advancing Artists 2: A year of bespoke professional development for arts practitioners based in or working in Surrey County.

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Advancing Artists 2  – Call for Artists

Are you an artist, musician, theatre maker, poet or dancer interested in developing your practice in a socially engaged way?  Arts Partnership Surrey and Farnham Maltings seek arts practitioners working in or based in Surrey with ambitions to develop high quality, relevant, new, creative and socially engaged projects that support its aims to enhance wellbeing, increase participation and create a strong and positive sense of place through the arts.

If this is you, we invite you to apply to us for a year of bespoke continuing professional development.

Our 2019 Advancing Artists 2 Programme includes:

  • Targeted workshops and training
  • Mentor Support
  • Fundraising and Management support and advice
  • Action Learning
  • Hands on learning and shadowing on live projects
  • Conversations with established arts and cultural organisations
  • Tickets to performances and events
  • Building links to other, potential project partners and professional networks
  • Potential for seed funding for projects towards the end of the programme
  • Opportunity to pitch and showcase work to potential partners

Practitioners will be offered bespoke development support based upon their professional and creative aspirations. Practitioners will be encouraged to engage with people and places across Surrey.

We welcome applications from artists at various stages of their careers, from a range of backgrounds. We are particularly interested in artists who are keen to explore and develop work which encourages creativity in the community.

Successful applicants will be asked to commit to the full Advancing Artists 2 programme which will take place throughout 2019. The programme will include around 4 workshops, 2 larger networking events, with support to attend additional events such as conferences outside of the County.

We will, where possible timetable events to suit individual artists’ availability during the course of the programme. Each artist will be partnered with an appropriate mentor who will support throughout the programme.

We will select artists on the basis of the quality of their practice, their potential to benefit from our support, their interest in participating as part of the cohort and their interest in working with people and/or places within Surrey County.


Application process:

Applicants will be asked to respond to 3 prompts:

  • Please tell us about your artistic work so far and your professional /creative aspirations for the future. Please also include any examples of your work and details of partners or collaborators who have engaged with or supported your work. (You may include videos and web-links).
  • Please tell us about any specific areas and skills you wish to develop (for example; project development, working in mental health settings, working with young people etc.
  • Please tell us how you intend to engage communities and/ or places within Surrey County in the future and how Advancing Artists 2 might help you better respond to local opportunities.

Fees:  AA2 is a fully funded programme and so, if selected you will not be required to pay any fees

If you require any access support with your application; please contact: Lucy Murray:

Deadline for Applications:  Friday 14th September 2018.

Download your application here: AA2 Application Form

Please return your application form to Lucy Murray:

Decisions will communicated by Monday 8th October 2018

We look forward to hearing from you.

Arts Partnership Surrey

Arts Partnership Surrey is a strategic alliance of nine local councils and trusts working together to shape and deliver a cultural offering for the whole county. We are committed to working in partnership with a wide range of statutory and non-statutory organisations, the voluntary sector, faith groups, charities and many others who share our ambitions to achieve our priorities.

Farnham Maltings

Farnham Maltings is a cultural organisation, based in south west Surrey, that exists to encourage the people of Farnham and further afield to participate in, shape and understand the world in which we live.  We believe that by being actively creative, connecting with others and articulating new ideas we will foster a happier, healthier and more inclusive set of communities.

Getting to know one of our associate companies – Action Hero

We recently announced Action Hero  as one of our new associate companies and here is a chance for us all to get to know them better…

Can you tell us a bit about Action Hero?

We’re two artists who have been working together for 12 years. We make performances together that come in a bunch of different forms- installation, theatre, durational work working with new forms is what excites us the most.

Who makes up the Action Hero team?

Gemma Paintin & James Stenhouse are the artistic directors of the company  – we do pretty much everything creatively together. Sarah Warden is our company manager, she organises us, produces all our work, generally steers the ship and gets things done.

How would you describe the work that you create?

We sort of try not to describe it at all! All the stuff we make is quite different, so we try to resist putting a label on it, because as soon as we do we break our own rules.

What is your favourite thing about creating theatre/ performance?

The not-knowing, the being in the room together, the way we get obsessed with it. It never gets boring.

Who/what has been your biggest influence/s?

We’re influenced by the world around us. We can be as inspired by overhearing a conversation in the street as by a football game as by an academic text or a show we’ve seen. Inspiration is all around.Finding ways to change and grow and develop can be tricky. We never want to stay the same, we always want to change. One minute we want to make an opera, the next we want to make a video game, then we want to write a play. Sometimes this means we have to start over every time we begin a new project.

How did you chose the company name?

I can’t really remember… Action Hero just sort of arrived!

Can you describe a typical day at Action Hero HQ?

There’s no typical day, that’s one of the best things about Action Hero.

What’s the most useful thing to have with you in the rehearsal room?

The right notebook & pen- between A4-A5, softcover, squared paper and a 0.7mm roller ball.