Audience Feedback for Farnham Maltings’ latest show – Brilliance

Audience Feedback for Farnham Maltings’ latest show – Brilliance

Farnham Maltings is officially half way through their national tour of Brilliance and are receiving so much positive feedback that they just had to share with you. 

The shining brilliance of ‘Brilliance’

I expect this has been said many times!

Having been moved to tears at the end of Brilliance tonight, I have been moved to write to you, to thank you for brightening up my week, indeed my year!

I have just watched this beautifully intimate piece in New Deer Public Hall, in the North East of Scotland. A simple theme remarkably and imaginatively brought to life, generating a buzz between audience & performers, as if old friends had come together – a hallmark of Farnham Maltings touring productions.

I was first introduced to Farnham Maltings rural touring shows with the Iranian Feast, one of the most moving pieces of theatre I’ve ever seem; then followed  In Praise of Elephants which was an equally engaging, clever, touching and inventive piece of theatre.

It was this track record that led me to tonight’s performance. I have to thank you enormously for creating theatre that works so well in an intimate space. You have an uncanny knack with storytelling and of creating a real bond between performer and audience member …. not in the usual way (that so many theatres companies and their actors strive to achieve) but in a very tangible, connecting, ‘spot on’, ‘getting it just right’, ‘hitting the nail on the head’, unpretentious and communicative kind of a way!!!

I love what you do and I really look forward to your visits… you set the bar high for professional theatre in village halls, and others could learn a lot from you.

“Lang may yer lum reek!” IMG_6806

Translation – Long may your chimney smoke

In other words: may you continue to do what you do, so well, for a long time, and may you always have the fuel to keep your fire burning 👍😃

With gratitude and admiration,

Audience Member

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