what we do

producing & commissioning
We work with a number of companies and individual artists in the production of their work, sometimes as a collaboration or in co-production. This work can range from a commission to full production and management of a new piece.

tour booking
Each year we book tours for a number of projects ranging from the work of our associate companies to that of international partners.

residencies and R&D
We invest in the research and development of new ideas. Typically this will involve us providing space for rehearsal, occasionally money and sometimes accommodation and travel costs.

fellowship award
We are conscious that investment for artists is often linked to specific artistic output and yet sometimes what an artist actually needs is time and space in order to plan, respond and develop the best possible ideas.  Our fellowship awards buy artists time to do just that.

associate companies
These companies benefit from financial and producing support, coaching and training, rehearsal and office space.

resident companies
A number of companies are based at Farnham Maltings working from a shared theatre office. They have access to rehearsal space, our advice and networks.

advice sessions
We will arrange an initial meeting with any regionally-based company or artist to hear ideas and ambitions and offer advice on touring, production and funding applications. If you would like to meet for an initial conversation please contact our producer, Laura, laura.woodward@farnhammaltings.com, with a short introduction of who you are and the work that you make.

supporting services
We provide mentoring and coaching, rehearsal space, wardrobe and a range of financial services and advice for new theatre companies.