running away with the circus…

We recently caught up with David Carr, our Box Office Manager, who earlier this year spent a month working in France with a French circus company, Cheptel Aleikoum – their name simply translated to ‘welcome to the big top’. The work that David did was organised through PASS – a three year collaboration with eight French and English creation centres designed to support the development and touring of new contemporary circus funded through the Interreg programme.

David Carr
Credit: James Millar

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catching up with young theatre makers…

In October last year, we awarded grants to a selection of young people through our ‘no strings attached’ scheme enabling them to make their first piece of theatre. We thought you might be interested to hear what they have been up to in the months after meeting with the panel and receiving their awards.

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blank stares and other responses to the relationship between the commercial and subsidised theatre sectors

show business is a one-day symposium towards greater connectivity between commercial and subsidised models in theatre’s independent sector. In this blog, Richard Kingdom, greenhouse project manager, discusses the potential of a greater collaboration between these two sectors.

I began discussing ideas for the show business symposium with colleagues last September but the seeds for it were sown around ten years ago, in a penny-drop moment during a post-show conversation at The Hen and Chickens Theatre. My cousin, a couple of years out of drama training and whose show I’d just been watching, and me, a recent Theatre Studies graduate trying to set the world ablaze with my company’s first show, were comparing notes on our respective ventures. I asked what seemed like the most pressing question for anyone mounting a production on the fringe.

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the most haunting love story ever told…Orpheus

Little Bulb are back at Battersea Arts Centre this spring with a revival of Orpheus – a co production with Battersea Arts Centre. First staged last year but returning due to popular demand for a six-week run and in August, they will be take Orpheus to Salzburg Festival where the Artistic Director Alex Scott has been nominated for the Young Director’s Award, in recognition of the show’s genre-bending innovation.

Be transported to 1930s Paris where legendary musician, Django Reinhardt, has been cast as the lead in a new production of Orpheus. Your host for the evening is the charismatic songstress Yvette Pépin. With her troupe of operatic players she performs the thrilling tale of Orpheus’s ill-fated descent into the underworld to reclaim his lost love, Eurydice.

Here’s a sneak peek of ‘The Story of Orpheus & Eurydice’

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shining a light

Victoria Melody is a performance artist who has a background in fine art. She is interested in the idiosyncrasies of life and immerses herself into communities,  and becomes an active participant in their rituals as research for her work. Victoria is produced by Farnham Maltings. She has just done a week’s run of Major Tom at Battersea Arts Centre and is now touring the show nationally.

For more information on the show and booking tickets, click here. Victoria’s blog was originally published on Exeunt.

Major Tom

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home is where the Art is

Stopgap Dance Company will be coming to Farnham Maltings on Thursday 20 March for the last leg of their Artificial Things spring tour. Stopgap Dance Company seamlessly integrates dancers with and without disabilities and their productions are devised by dancers and collaborators, working as an ensemble under the artistic direction of Lucy Bennett. Stopgap have a strong emphasis on creative learning; sharing their knowledge and experience of initiating integration between disabled and non-disabled dancers. They deliver creative learning projects and produce publications that offer insight and guidance on all aspects of their work, delivering these resources to professional dancers, teachers, students and members of the community.
Stopgap have just announced they will be working with The Royal Opera House as part of their Arts Council England skills-sharing programme, ROH Links, alongside The Garage Trust and Mid Wales Opera. This means that for the next two years Stopgap will receive mentorship and support in organisational development from The Royal Opera House.
Artistic Director, Lucy Bennett has written us a blog in the lead up to their show next week.

Stopgap AT
Credit: Chris Parkes –

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10 Questions with Mick Strobel

In Praise of Elephants has began touring village halls across the UK. This week, the company are in Surrey, Mick Strobel, who plays the character Aubrey, has taken time from touring to answer a few questions for us. For more information on the tour and booking tickets click here.

IPOE - Q&A with Mick Strobel

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taking risks

Catherine Ireton is a singer, a songwriter, an actress and a theatre maker produced by Farnham Maltings. She will be touring a new show What is it about the night? across the South-East region in the next few weeks. Here’s Catherine’s blog about her journey from working at the Arts Council to making a living from being a full-time artist.

For more information on the tour and booking tickets, click here.

Catherine Ireton

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