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Two £5,000 bursaries to support a one year relationship between a producer and a venue – or venues – in the house network

We want to bring together the know-how and inventiveness of entrepreneurial producers with the physical resources and local audiences of ambitious regional venues.  By offering the producer a degree of stability and the venue additional capacity, we aim to enable both partners to explore new ways of unlocking the creative potential of our theatre buildings, support the creation of new work and build loyal and adventurous audiences.

We also hope that the fellowships might act as an intervention, challenging expectations around what theatre is produced, who by, where and for who.

How the fellowships will work

£5,000 bursaries will be awarded to two producers (paid to them as two instalments of £2,250 and a final one of £500 on receipt of an evaluation at the end of the fellowship) to support a year-long relationship with a venue in the house network.

Once the fellowships have been awarded, the two producers will work with their partner venues to outline a programme of activity.  We will expect this to include a commitment of resources from the venues including space, time, technical and marketing support, a cash contribution and possible professional development opportunities for the producer.  This package – and the fellowship itself – may be used as the match income for funding applications to support the full programme of activity.

The fellowships are aimed at producers with at least three to five years’ experience.

Once the fellowships are underway, greenhouse will offer ongoing support such as help with funding applications and brokering partnerships that might enhance the planned activity.  We also aim to coordinate opportunities to share learning and promote more collaborative approaches between venues and producers.

How to apply
Expressions of interest from independent producers and venues should be submitted as pitches on the greenhouse website by 12noon on Friday 27 February 2015.

Following the deadline, we will facilitate introductions between short-listed venues and producers.  The aim of this approach is to encourage applications from independent producers without existing regional links and venues without a track record for artist development.  We believe that these are likely to be our best sources of new approaches and where we imagine the fellowships will have the greatest impact.

Expressions of interest from existing producer/venue partnerships will be accepted.

Submitting your pitch
To complete a pitch, you will need a profile on the house website.  If you don’t already have one, you’ll need to create one (independent producers should register as ‘companies’): click on ‘venues’ or ‘companies’ at the top of this page then follow the link on the right hand side to create a profile.  NB: your profile is your opportunity to tell us about your background and experience.

Once you have a profile and are logged in, you will be able to add your pitch.

Title – this should be ‘Producer Fellowship -’ followed by the producer’s name or the name of the venue,  e.g. ‘Producer Fellowship – Farnham Maltings’.

Type – if you are an independent producer, tick ‘Space and Resources Requested’, if you are a venue, tick ‘Space and Resources Offered’.  If you are applying as an existing partnership, tick both.

Categories – house works with venues around four audience development strands. Select the strand that comes closest to the activity you would like to explore through a Producer Fellowship.

Blank text – This should be the focus of your expression of interest and you will need to outline the kind of activity you would like to pursue through a 12 month Producer Fellowship and the audiences that you are particularly interested in engaging.  This should be no longer than 250 words.

If you have any questions about this opportunity, please contact Richard Kingdom, greenhouse project manager, on 07714 216519 or email richard@housetheatre.org.uk

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