caravan is Farnham Maltings’ international programme. This strand of our work is about helping artists to internationalise their practice both practically – by accessing new markets and developing skills – and artistically – by encouraging collaboration and exchange. There are three areas to the programme:

the showcase
the caravan showcase is a three-day programme of site-specific, interactive and incidental performance presented as part of Brighton Festival. The curated programme features England’s most exciting artists from established international names to the brightest new talent. The showcase is a convivial event designed to encourage artists, commissioners, programmers and potential collaborators to explore new ways of working together, to share ambitions and to reach new audiences. We host 60 international and national delegates – providing hotel accommodation and/or a contribution to international travel. The next caravan showcase will take place in May 2022.

Working with a range of international partners we support England based artists to present their work at international festivals, spend time in residence developing new projects, work with local artists, share practice, explore ideas and make new contacts. Our aim is to provide the support, resources and guidance to enable artists to develop international relationships, which then seed and support their future work. In 2019 we adopted some of the key projects developed by Visiting Arts over the past 40 years including the Producers Breakfast at the Edinburgh Festival, Cultural Attaché Network and Tales from the Field events.

professional development
We offer training and professional development events throughout the year including workshops on international touring and our monthly webinar series Summit.

Follow @caravan_theatre on twitter for details of sector-wide international work, funding and development opportunities.


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