analogue theatre

Analogue theatre is a multi-disciplinary performance company based in the South-East of England that produces explosive theatre and visual performance. Their award winning work is cinematic in scope. As a generation in tune with the language of recorded media, Analogue theatre explores what the conventions of film can offer the experience of raw, visceral live performance.

They bring collaborators together: creating opportunities for computer games designers to work with devisers; puppeteers with playwrights; histopathologists with directors. It is these conversations alongside the continual exchange of ideas and expertise that creates the fusion of disciplines that make up an ‘Analogue’ performance.

Analogue’s work is firmly rooted in the everyday. They tell stories that have made an impact on their lives. Stories that have the ability to move, excite and stir in others what drove the company to create the work in the first place. Every show crafted is a leap into the theatrical unknown. An opportunity to take another risk with their eyes wide open. The artists that make up the company have worked and trained with the likes of Theatre-Rites, The Young Vic, Sony, Suspect Culture, Gecko, Punchdrunk and Told by an Idiot.