1963, winter. Everyone is gathering in the village hall.

Martha places her hand on the switch, presses it down, and life is never the same again.
Long after its arrival in the city, the slow process of rural electrification is illuminating every corner and crevice of village life. As the dark evenings hold us in, 240 volts of alternating current and the humble electric light bulb allows us to gather and sing long into the night.

Brilliance is a 90-minute theatrical event that celebrates progress and change in a bright new world.

From the company that brought you It’s A Wonderful Life, The Iranian Feast and Yørgjin Oxo, we now bring you Brilliance a show with music made especially for village halls.

Touring in November-December 2017. Contact tour booker Janice Brittain for more information.

Photograph by Shayne Shaw, Beyond Infinity Photo