for all the fires not yet lit

Claire Lyons’ fiancé doesn’t think she should make a speech at the wedding reception, neither does her mother. And yesterday, she stayed swimming in the slow lane, despite her legs wanting to push her faster. And so it is that a morning outing to get some milk turns into a quest for Claire to locate her brave bone, surprising herself and others. Over the next 24 hours Claire goes on a protest, makes friends with a shoplifter, ends up in a prison cell and wakes with a very different view of what is or isn’t possible.

For all the fires not yet lit is a solo performance for studio spaces written and performed by Catherine Ireton with music composition by Ed Briggs. Using found sounds, electronic samples, storytelling and song this 50 minute piece mixes a prerecorded score with Catherine’s soaring vocals and live piano.

Interwoven with small, tender and mighty stories of everyday bravery For all the fires not yet lit is a clarion call to be brave in an age in which we are constantly told to be fearful.
Because courage, like fear, can be contagious.

Touring autumn 2017. Please contact tour booker Janice Brittain for more information.