hair peace

When Victoria Melody was competing in beauty pageants for a previous show a hairdresser advised her that she needed hair extensions. Freaked out by wearing a piece of somebody else’s body, she set out on an extraordinary adventure to find out exactly where this hair comes from.

Victoria’s boundless curiosity takes a live audience from the temples of India to the shopping malls of Russia, via hair salons and forensics labs on a humorous, moving and serendipitous journey around a World in miniature.

There is a saviour in the shape of a Bollywood financier, the most expensive wedding to have ever taken place, a Celebrity Big Brother contestant, and hair. Lots of hair. Sacks of it.

With dramaturgy from Rachel Chavkin (The TEAM) and directed by Paul Hodson. Hair Peace is a comedic exploration from an unlikely sleuth whose personal odyssey provides astonishing insights into ethics, diverse cultures and the personal realities of the global economy.

Creator & Performer – Victoria Melody
Directors – Paul Hodson and Petra Massey
Dramaturg – Rachel Chavkin
Production Manager – Sean Phillips
Designer – Ryan Laight
Camera Operators – Joe Murray, Mitch Mitchinson, Evgeniy Kurbatov
Photographers – Richard Davenport, Hugo Glendinning

Co-commissioned by LIFT, Warwick Arts Centre and Battersea Arts Centre

Produced by Farnham Maltings

Supported by The Marlborough Theatre and Arts Council England


Hair Peace toured nationwide in 2015 before a run at the Pleasance at the Edinburgh Fringe and at the Battersea Arts Centre