launch party

A new play about two sisters a universe apart

Martha and Vi are twins. They grew up side by side, watching the stars. But recently they’ve drifted. While Martha has stayed in their home village, laying down roots, Vi has been across the globe training as an astronaut, preparing to launch herself into the unknown.

Before Vi blasts off, Martha has arranged a party in the village hall to send her off in style. She’s laid out snacks, hired a DJ and invited the whole village. Will it be enough to reunite the sisters before Vi heads into the stars?

Using playful storytelling, innovative live music and original songs, this new play by Bucket Club investigates family, space exploration and how we carry our home with us wherever we go.

Launch Party is a co-production with Farnham Maltings. It toured rural venues for five weeks in Autumn 2016.

Some audience feedback:

‘Extraordinary, skltful, clever, memorable.’

‘Brilliant, surreal, high energy and amazing singing! It was almost a make-up disaster (I almost cried)!’

‘This is the first play I’ve been to and I loved it! Best Thursday night ever! :-)’

‘Loved it and inspired to go to theatre more!’