new internationalists

new internationalists

new internationalists offers 4 independent theatre makers a year of support, guidance and seed investment designed to help them internationalise their practice. The programme will help the selected artists/ companies to think strategically about their international ambitions and the best way of achieving them, beyond touring individual shows.

The artists selected for new internationalist are: Dante or Die, Milk Presents, Lost Dog and Stand and Be Counted (SBC).

Each company/artist will receive:

  • £2,500 investment to cover the cost their time to participate in the programme
  • £1,500 towards the cost of producing digital materials
  • £2,000 towards identified training or subvention to pursue a particular international ambition
  • a two day residential, mentoring and a group funded visit to IETM or similar.

The programme will run as a pilot from September 2019 – September 2020 with the aim increasing the number of participating artists to 8 by 2021.

new internationalists is supported by Arts Council England.