guide to international touring

guide to international touring

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The prospect of taking your work or expertise abroad is attractive for so many reasons. Visiting different countries, different continents, working collaboratively with other artists and makers, discovering new audiences, making new friends – it’s all an irresistible call.

The reality, of course, is that it’s pure graft; imagine the work involved in producing a national tour then add the international extras. Finding those elusive contacts, building relationships, the research, the long-term development and the nuts of bolts of putting it all together can be time consuming and sometimes just a little nerve-fraying.

This guide can help you make sense of an often bewildering to-do list while offering practical advice and alerts of how to avoid potential problems.

There is rarely one answer for the many variables involved in international work, particularly with different regions in the world having different challenges. The information here though, will give you the broad brush strokes and hopefully offer you the right tools to fill in your own details.

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