PASS – Circus Channel

Between 2012 and 2015, we were partners in PASS – a three year collaboration with eight French and English creation centres designed to support the development and touring of new contemporary circus funded through the Interreg programme.

The other PASS partners were: in England – SeaChange ArtsActivate Performing Arts and Lighthouse; and in France – La BrècheCirque Jules VerneLa Rennaissance and  CG-50 Villes en Scenes. Crying Out Loud helped establish the network with the Pilot in the previous two years and are now acting as UK Creative Director for our aspects of the project. In July 2012 we hosted Camille Boitel’s company L’Immediat and Little Bulb who spent two weeks together sharing skills and practices and working on new ideas. Last November, Atelier Lefeuvre & André toured the South East and East of England through house. In autumn 2013, we toured a double bill of French and English circus featuring Colletif AOC‘s K’boum and Overseas by Louis and Beren from Barely Methodical. In April 2014, our Box Office Manager, David Carr, spent a month working with Cheptel Aleikoum on their show Le Repas, read about his experience on our theatre blog. In December 2014, Stopgap Dance Company spent a week working with former Cie XY acrobats Miko and Caroline from Prêt-à-Porter – take a look at the process on the CryingOut Loud Youtube Channel. Chris Pavia also writes about what they learnt during the week’s residency on the Stopgap website.

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The PASS project was selected as part of the European cross-border cooperation programme Interreg IVA (Channel – France England) co-financed by the ERDF.