Things to Do Before We Die

Things to do Before We Die is a series of events that aims to encourage discussion amongst the arts infrastructure on diversity, inclusion and how we might collectively shift the status quo.

Recent events

In September 2018 we organised three half-day conversations looking at Creating Inclusive Environments & Experiences.

The events were delivered by Kirsty Hoyle from Include Arts and hosted by Cambridge Junction, University of Oxford (GLAM) and Lighthouse in Brighton.

The events focused on those working in the creative and cultural sectors who want to develop a more accessible, inclusive service for diverse patrons.  The sessions focused on simple, everyday changes intended to have immediate impact without the need for financial investment.

As a response to the event asked each participating organisation to make a pledge by writing one ambition (something they are looking to do in the long term) and one promise (something they will do now).

You can read the ambitions and promises by downloading the document Promises and Ambitions

Past events

an awkward, and maybe embarrassing about inclusion and difference
by Neworld Theatre, Vancouver, Canada

December 2017
Canada House, London

an awkward conversation is both a performance and a public conversation. It is based on Neworld Theatre call radical openness or transparency, a determination to speak publicly, spontaneously, with both rigor and vulnerability, about their own failures in relationship to issues of power and privilege and identity. And to be grilled about it, too.

We invited arts organisations from across England to participate in the event. Public conversations about these questions are often rigid, defensive, and bound by ideological righteousness. At the same time, so many facilitated encounters are equally bound by a weird, false-positivity that is averse to conflict. an awkward conversation creates a space in which neither of these two binaries is true, in which conflict is permitted simply to exist, where the value of being right is actively questioned, and where failure’s fundamental importance to human existence is acknowledged. Our intention was to encourage open, supported, and risk-taking dialogue.

Things to do before we die symposium
December 2015
British Museum, London

Attended by 135 artists and arts professionals, the symposium aimed to increase understanding and ownership of the Arts Council’s Creative Case for Diversity amongst the arts and culture sector in the South East. Through discussion, examples of good practice and opportunities to make new connections the event was designed to inspire and facilitate positive, collaborative actions.