victoria melody

about the artist

Victoria Melody is an award winning British artist with a background in fine art. She makes theatrical shows, performance interventions and films mainly about Britain’s pastimes, passions and tribes. Fascinated by anthropology, she immerses herself into communities and becomes an active participant in their rituals as research for her work.In the past she has become a pigeon racer, northern soul dancer, championship dog handler, beauty queen, funeral director and police officer. Victoria has presented her work nationally, and internationally in Australia, USA, Canada, Denmark and Romania.


about the show

Ugly Chief is a new dark comedy performed by Victoria Melody, her dad (celebrity TV antique dealer, Mike Melody) and a New Orleans Jazz band. In 2013, Mike was diagnosed with a terminal illness, so Victoria organised the funeral service of his dreams. A year later, doctors realised they had misdiagnosed Mike but they are going ahead with the funeral anyway…and you’re invited. Join a real-life father and daughter duo for a living memorial like no other. Based on true events, Ugly Chief looks at the relationship between parents and their grown-up children, and what happens when they don’t see eye to eye.