yørgjin oxo

A winter’s saga of courage and love

By Thomas Crowe; directed by Gavin Stride & Kevin Dyer.

An evening of story and song from the lands of the far, far north.

Yørgjin Oxo is a Marshlander who can tell a person by the sound of their squelch and is unlike any hero we might actually need. Thomas Crowe’s script fizzes with humour, larger than life characters and explores a place quite unlike our own. Join us for a tale of soggy nights, brave mice and the joys of being alive.

Yorgjin Oxo press release

Yørgjin Oxo toured to rural venues in England, Scotland and Wales in early 2017, and will tour again in Spring 2018.

Audience comments from spring tour 2017

“It is so good to see such professional entertainment bought to our door step.” Charlwood Parish Hall, Horley

“It is just the sort of thing that brings village halls to life.” Llanfair DC Village Hall, Ruthin, Wales

“I would recommend anyone to go to experience this lovely, quirky, funny play” Edith Banks Hall, Northop, Wales

“I’ve never been part of an audience that felt so tangibly and comfortably engaged with a performance” Thursley Village Hall, Surrey

“To bring productions of this calibre to remote rural communities like this is a real cultural lifeline” Moniaive, Scotland

Production photography

Photos by Mark Dean

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